Bonus : Tokyo 2020 Paralympians

August 22, 2021 CULTURELLE
Bonus : Tokyo 2020 Paralympians
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Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlope Team Zimbabwe : 

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Intro [upbeat music]
Yo! Welcome to the party! Hello! Makadini. Salibonani. My name is Vongai and you’re listening to ZimExcellence, a weekly celebration of Zimbabwe’s changemakers and trailblazers. So here’s the secret y’all Zimbabweans are actually DOPE AF and it’s just time that we recognize it. So grab yourself a plate of sadza, grab that Stoney ginger beer and let the party begin!

Vongai : Welcome to a very special bonus episode of ZimExcellence. At the time of recording it is Saturday August 21st 2021 and we are 3 days away from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. I would love to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing athletes representing us at the games. They are our history makers. They are ZimExcellence.

A massive congratulations  goes to Pamela Vimbai Shumba who qualified for the Women's 100m and a massive congratulations goes to Vimbai Zvinowanda who qualified for the Women's 200m. Their coach is Mildred Baye

For anyone who thinks they're hearing double...yes both of our athletes representing us at the Paralympic games are named Vimbai so #TeamVimbai y'all. [chuckles] Let's celebrate #TeamVimbai. Makorokoto, Amlophe. Massive congratulations to all. We see you, we love you, we support you and never forget you have already won. Simudzai mureza and please continue to stay safe out on the field. 

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