Bonus : Tokyo 2020 Olympians

July 25, 2021 CULTURELLE
Bonus : Tokyo 2020 Olympians
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Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlope Team Zimbabwe : 

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Intro [upbeat music]
Yo! Welcome to the party! Hello! Makadini. Salibonani. My name is Vongai and you’re listening to ZimExcellence, a weekly celebration of Zimbabwe’s changemakers and trailblazers. So here’s the secret y’all Zimbabweans are actually DOPE AF and it’s just time that we recognize it. So grab yourself a plate of sadza, grab that Stoney ginger beer and let the party begin! 

Vongai : Welcome to a very special bonus episode of ZimExcellence. At the time of recording it is Saturday July 24th 2021 and the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics are now in full swing.

People can say what they want about these games, their timing and the IOC’s recent actions towards Black people especially but do not forget the people who make these games possible. The athletes and Olympians themselves who have sacrificed and trained tirelessly to have this moment. 

Not only can sports bring the world together, they have the potential to unite a country. With all of that said I would love to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the Zimbabweans representing us at the games including their trainers and support personnel. They are our history makers. They are ZimExcellence.

First off we have Donata Katai who is representing us in swimming and she made history as Zimbabwe's first Black swimmer and first Black female swimmer to qualify for the games. She is only 17 years old, congratulations lady.  I am tuning in to watch your race tomorrow morning. Next we have Ngoni Makusha who is representing us in athletics. Peter Purcell-Gilpin is representing us in rowing and as of today he has progressed to the Quarter-Finals for the Men's Single Sculls which are on tomorrow so congratulations.  Scott Vincent is representing us in golf and I totally went to primary school with Scott. Lastly we have Peter Wetzlar who is also representing us in swimming. 

Their coaches and technical personnel are, Joy Mufaro Chivonivoni,  Lisimati Phakhamile, James Alexander Stephenson, Lindsy Tudor-Cole and Kelsey Anne Vincent. 

We also have officials and medical supporting our team and they are Fredreck Ndlovu as Chef De Mission - Head of Delegation,  Abigail Mnikwa as physiotherapist & Covid Liason Officer as well as Memory Pakati, General Team Management & Deputy Covid Liaison Officer. 

And thank you to our Country's Delegation and the National Olympic Committee Delegation. 

Makorokoto Amlophe. Massive congratulations to all. We see you, we love you, we support you. You have already won. Simudzai mureza. 

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